About Us

Since 1998, AQUATECH has been a leader in the design and manufacture of professional underwater photography equipment. From the early days of hand making fibreglass camera housings to today, AQUATECH has focused on pairing the best materials and most innovative designs to create our highly sought after Water Housings.

Our products are the result of years of first hand testing and experience including countless discussions with professional creatives from all over the world who use and test our equipment in a range of environmental conditions. Our products are designed to protect your gear against the harshest of environments, while allowing you to simply capture the images you dream of.

Today our Water Housings can be found in the hands of professional and enthusiast photographers and cinematographers alike, covering genres of photography such as surfing, freediving, advertising, sailing, documentary, seascape art, fashion, fishing, Olympic water sports, and more. 

In 2017, we released the AxisGO Water Housing for the iPhone®. With years of experience in building our Water Housings for high end cameras, we began to offer a high quality water housing system for the world's most famous modern day camera, the iPhone.

In 2021, AQUATECH launched a new online store to support our growing European customer base. With customer service and shipping infrastructure based in Spain, AQUATECH is now more accessible than ever to our European customers and is ready to meet the needs of professional and enthusiast photographers all over Europe.